Aggregates Producer

Aggregates companies, large and small, that produce stone, sand and gravel used in construction applications are welcome to become NSSGA Producer members.

Become an NSSGA Member

Companies like yours are the reason the association exists and the owners and managers of these companies perform the lion’s share of the leadership roles in the association. Aggregates producers are any company that produces and/or sells aggregates in the US, including both internal and external consumption, and dues are based on the previous year’s annual sales to any customer.

Every day you are threatened by unprecedented federal, state and local regulations that impact your business from environmental compliance to operational restrictions; from percentage depletion tax laws to zoning requirements and even threats from outside the industry. Because we know these issues are of paramount concern to you, we invite you to join your peers who are working proactively to implement reform. A strong, unified voice through NSSGA is the best chance the aggregates industry has to make a difference. The most important business investment you can make is to join NSSGA. For more information, connect with us here.

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International Producer

If your operations are located outside of the United States, go here to join NSSGA as an International Producer.

e-Producer Membership

e-Producer membership is available to small producers only. To qualify for this membership category, companies must operate only a single quarry/operation; employ less than 10 non-office employees; and record less than 1500 non-office man hours per year.


NSSGA is recognized as one of the most active and effective advocacy groups in Washington, D.C. Whether as a participant in industry coalitions or in face-to-face discussions with political leaders and regulators, NSSGA helps deliver a clear and loud message for members.


As a member of NSSGA, you have unlimited opportunities to network with your peers in the aggregates industry. It’s through sharing ideas, experiences, successes and failures that we all become strong and better at what we do, and NSSGA events provide numerous opportunities to do just that.


Information sharing through NSSGA is critically important so that members are kept aware of association activities and up-to-date information is available to help you run your business. NSSGA uses a number of vehicles to communicate with members.


There are countless individuals, operations and companies that embody excellence in environmental stewardship, safety and health and community relations, and NSSGA’s Awards Program is a way to recognize these outstanding efforts. Awards include:

• Safety & Health
• Environment
• Community Relations

NSSGA also acknowledges significant individual achievements through the Barry K. Wendt Commitment Award, James M. Christie Safety and Health Professional Award, Grassroots CEO, Coordinator and Activist of the Year Awards and ROCKPAC Industry Leader Award.

Members are encouraged to participate in committees and divisions. NSSGA committees were created to help steer and define priorities, allocate resources and define success for the organization. NSSGA’s committees include:

Leadership Committees

  • Membership Development
  • Small Producers Council
  • Young Leaders
  • Manufacturers & Services Division Board of Directors
  • Pulverized Mineral Division (PMD) Board of Directors

Environment, Safety & Health Committees

  • Safety and Health Committee
  • Environmental Committee
  • Safety and Health Regulatory Affairs Task Force
  • Council of Counsel
  • Sustainability Task Force

Government Affairs Committees

  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Aggregates in Action/Grassroots
  • ROCKPAC Board of Trustees
  • Surface Transportation Task Force


Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the production of aggregates for construction, agricultural or chemical uses shall be eligible to become an Active Member of the Association. Each Active Member shall be entitled to one vote through its authorized representative.

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