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  • Podcast: The ROCKS Act

    The Rebuilding Our Communities by Keeping aggregates Sustainable (ROCKS) Act was introduced in Congress which supports the construction of much-needed public works projects with the access to raw materials necessary to build and revive the roads, bridges and infrastructure projects in our nation’s communities.  Michele Stanley, NSSGA vice president of government & regulatory affairs, and…

    Posted 11/19/19 at 7:54 AM

  • Podcast: Have a Good Meeting with Lawmakers

    There are a few simple things that allow for positive meetings with your members of Congress. In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, experts highlight ways to have successful meetings with your elected officials.  “You are the expert. They find your time valuable to their day,” said Mike Gula, of D.C. firm Gula and Graham. “But…

    Posted 10/30/19 at 11:52 AM

  • NSSGA Podcast: The Impact of a Quarry Tour!

    Delta Companies Inc., frequently hosts members of Congress and state legislators at their operations to learn about the industry. In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, find out how to put together a quarry tour with Don Rosenbarger, business development manager with Delta Companies, Inc. Then, NSSGA staff sat down with Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., who…

    Posted 10/3/19 at 2:59 PM

  • NSSGA Podcast: Teamwork Makes the Advocacy Dream Work

    NSSGA does not advocate for infrastructure investment alone and the association frequently partners with organizations in Washington, D.C., that are focused on common issues. It’s a broad topic that touches quarries and many businesses throughout the economy. In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, Ed Mortimer, vice president of transportation and infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber…

    Posted 9/12/19 at 12:06 PM

  • Podcast: Live from a Quarry Tour!

    Luck Companies hosted the staff of members of Congress for a tour of the Bull Run Quarry in Centreville, Va. It was the first time visiting a quarry for these staff members, who work for members of Congress that serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. A short briefing showed the staff how the…

    Posted 8/14/19 at 3:08 PM

  • Podcast: A Senate Infrastructure Bill Is Coming

    On Thursday, July 25, NSSGA met with Senate Environment and Public Works Committee staff to learn about the committee’s infrastructure bill that they plan to unveil on July 29. The five-year, $287 billion bill would be a 27 percent increase over the funding included in the 2015 FAST Act. NSSGA welcomes the introduction of another…

    Posted 7/25/19 at 8:04 PM

  • Podcast: Diversifying Highway Funds

    In this episode, Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., likens America’s need for diverse infrastructure funding to the need for a diverse retirement portfolio. “We, as a country, cannot continue to rely upon a very volatile source, and only one source, of revenue and that’s the gas tax. Your listeners have 401Ks. Not any of them, I…

    Posted 7/11/19 at 11:55 AM

  • NSSGA Podcast: A Proactive Approach to Infrastructure

    In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, Rep. Garret Graves, R-La., talks about the roles Congress can play in advancing our nation’s infrastructure. “We’re now going to get to the point where the lack of investment in our infrastructure is actually going to help throttle back or govern our economy, and that’s problematic because it prevents…

    Posted 6/27/19 at 3:29 PM

  • Ranking Member Talks Infrastructure Topics

    This episode of NSSGA’s podcast features an interview with Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., the ranking Member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. We sat down with the top Republican on the large committee to talk about infrastructure goals of this Congress, from funding maintenance and improvements to the effects of flooding on levee systems….

    Posted 6/13/19 at 4:12 PM

  • Podcast: A Focus on Puerto Rico

    The infrastructure issues facing Puerto Rico are no different than those facing the rest of the United States, but being an island exponentially increases the difficulty of solving those issues. In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, we talk with Congresswoman Jenniffer González Colón, Puerto Rico’s Republican delegate in Congress. She is a member of the…

    Posted 5/30/19 at 12:52 PM

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